Are You Here To Promo?

Between a rock and a hard place. That’s where today’s authors find themselves. In the middle of a turbulant storm. An industry in the middle of a revolution. And everyone is telling them the same thing: build your platform.

What’s an author to do?

Stop Sign

During the decade or so that I ran the CataNetwork websites (and associated yahoogroups, messageboards, etc) it became painfully abvious that there are two types of authors in this world.

The type that get it and the type that don’t.

Seth Godin, marketing guru, said on his blog: If you only show up when you want something, we’ll catch on.

For the authors who don’t “get it” let this be a note to you. If the only time you ever come online is to promote your latest release, shame on you. We’re people too. And like you we have busy lives: families, sick kids, critters that need to go to the groomers, dinner to cook, parties to host, and occasionally, we sleep.

Building a platform is not about promotion. It’s about becoming known for something other than your blatant-self-promo. Do you like spam? How about endless advertisements in your mailbox? That’s what blatant-self-promo is. And no one cares.

That deserves repeating. No one cares.

How do you get them to care?

1. Build a solid platform based on an interesting, giving personality.

2. Listen to others. Ask them questions. Share information.

3. Do not send direct messages on twitter and messages on Facebook promoting yourself or your book the instant you become friends with someone. See above spam reference.

4. Engage people consistently. You don’t need to be on twitter twenty-four hours a day. But you do need to be present more often than you release books. Aim for half an hour per week.

5. Be polite. Thank people who share your work and words. This means RTing. Linking back. Promoting you. Letting you guest blog.

photo by: thecrazyfilmgirl