Going Paperless: Dropbox

To all those people who told me how wonderful dropbox is, can I just say, you were right!

I’m officially converted.

Paper Weaving

Okay, so I’ve been preaching Dropbox to anyone who’d listen for about six months now but I haven’t posted about it on my blog yet. At least not with the respect it deserves.

What is dropbox?

It’s a file management/backup system. I’ll let you watch the little video at Dropbox to learn more.

Why I love it:

My harddrive died recently and I didn’t even break a sweat. No kidding. No tears were shed, no hand wringing commenced. I knew everything was backed up on dropbox. All I had to do was install a new harddrive, install a few programs, connect to drop box and then all my files were back.

Drop box takes whatever changed in your file and sends it to their servers. This way, you have a copy on your computer, they have a copy on their server. That’s the backup aspect that I love.

Did I mention no panic attack?

I can also use Dropbox to share files which is great for sending over graphics or copy to my husband or assistant. It’s super fast, super easy. Great for critique partners. *hint* *hint*

Also, I love that no matter which computer I’m using, I can easily locate and use my files. All of our home computers have dropbox installed so no matter which computer I’m on, my files are synced and up to date locally. And if I’m out at a library or at a friends house, it’s a snap to login and download a file. It keeps older versions for me so I never have to worry about losing something.

Did I mention Dropbox has a healthy free plan? Really, there’s no reason you shouldn’t give it a try. My husband did some research on the company (compared to similar ones) and drop box is making a profit and doing well, which makes me happy because I know my data is safe and I’ll be a happy Dropbox user for many years to come.

fabulous photo by: FeatheredTar