KISS… Keep It Short, Sweetie

My father sent me a link to an online article the other day. Having a few minutes, I clicked on the link and started reading. The first few paragraphs were fairly intriguing. But my eyes roamed over to the scroll bar on the right.

Did you know you can tell how long (big) a page is by how small the scroll bar is?

Needless to say, the article was pretty long. And I was short on time. So I sent the article to my InstaPaper account (that in itself deserves a blog post) and went about my business.

Let this be a lesson to bloggers everywhere. Get to the meat of your post ASAP and please, I’m begging you, keep your blog posts short.

250 words is more than enough in my opinion. Anything longer than that and I’m out of there.

If you have a post that needs to be longer, has more to say, or whatever the case may be, break it into a series.

  • You’ll get more visitors that way.
  • You’ll keep readers like me happy.
  • And you’ll get the chance to include a newsletter sign up form at the end of your blog post requesting visitors sign up to your newsletter so you can let them know when the next part of the series is posted.

This post, by the way, is 228 words.