Klout for Authors: Giving Klout to Friends

One thing that Klout allows that no other social network does is a way to promote your friends by saying "this person knows about this topic."

As previously mentioned in the Influential Topics post, you can see a whole page of topics a person is influential about. The more they network, the more topics will likely be on this page.

As their friend and follower you can give them a boost by clicking the +K next to the topic.

Start at your Klout Profile and look beneath your profile picture and bio. You should see some friends faces smiling back at you under Influence Network. If you click "see all" you’ll be taken to a page that lists all the folks that are in your sphere of influence. (You can also click on the Friends link in the navigation menu.)

Here’s a snippet from my list of people who "influence me:"


Say I want to give Christina Dodd some Klout. I could just click the +K next to Romance, Authors, or Writing. But suppose I want to see what else she’s influential about?

I click on her name and it brings up a list of topics.


Since she’s most influential about the three topics I already mentioned, they’re listed at the top. And out next to them you can see that her other followers have given (+K) her Klout for those topics.

For the record, her fourth most influential topic at the time I took this screen shot: dogs. (And we all know how much I love dogs. +K, Christina. +K)

So there it is. How to give friends Klout.

Think I’m influential about something? You can give me Klout here: klout.com/#/AllyAnderson