Klout for Authors: Influential Topics

As a registered user of Klout you’ll find all sorts of metrics on your profile page. One that has people sitting up and taking notice is the Influential Topics section.

You’ll see three topics/categories listed on your profile page.


Klout’s super algorithms have decided that I’m influential about Facebook, Marketing and Branding. This could be because I a) talk about these topics frequently, b) I discuss these topics with other people, c) I post links about these topics, d) others RT/share the links I post about these topics or e) all or any of the above and any other secret voodoo that Klout has going on.

If you click on the "see all…" link below the three influential topics you’ll be taken to a page that lists all the topics that Klout thinks you’re influential about.

What does this mean to authors?

This is a good general idea of what you talk about most frequently. And this would be a good brand building tool.

If you want to be known for your writing advice, you’d want to discuss writing topics rather than food, sports, kids.

Klout friends can also +K you, meaning they deem you influential about certain topics. All they have to do is click the little +K icons next to topics on your Influential Topics page (aka, see all…)

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