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My hubby and I have been bike aficionados for several years now and when we were first getting into the sport we purchased a Bell Bike rack from Walmart. During our recent trip to the beach, we took out bikes and rode just about every day. I am a big fan of riding on hard sand. And the view was amazing, but I digress.

On the way home, I’m zooming down the highway and I look back in the rearview mirror and think that things (being the position of the bikes) look a little odd. I comment to hubby about it. Hubby is one of the most laid back people you’ll ever meet so I fully expected him to say, “I don’t see a problem.” or “That’s nothing.”

He said “you’re right. It looks like something’s broken.”

Those are not the words you want you hear when you’re clipping along the highway at 70, er 75, okay 80-ish miles per hour with two hunks of metal hanging off the “broken thingy.”

We pulled over ASAP to investigate and sure enough, the “cradles” that hold the bike had broken. They’re plastic. Old. Brittle. And evidently those south Georgia roads were just too much for them. The “cradles” cradle the bike and a strip of velcro wraps from one side of the cradle over bike and loops back to keep your bike (and fellow drivers) nice and safe. We fiddled as best we could and then prayed the entire way to the next convenience store. And at 45 miles per hour, it was a long trip.

We were thinking duct tape. But we settled for packaging tape and hubby wrapped that bad boy tighter than a cheerleading outfit on a hog. The bikes were safe. And it took us almost as long to get the bikes loose when we got home as it did to drive home. The dog was royally confused as to why we didn’t just-take-the-bikes-off-the-rack-and-let-him-out-of-the car-already.

Fast forward a few months (because really, it takes us a few months to do anything.) I decided we should go riding again and I also decided I needed to stop procrastinating about getting replacement parts for the bike rack. How hard could it be to replace plastic cradle gizmos for an 8-ish year old bike rack?

The answer? Really hard.

Finally, I found a phone number and called Bell’s customer support. The lady on the other end was a real peach and she took my name, address, and phone number and promised to send me two new pair ASAP. ASAP because they’re currently back ordered but just as soon as they arrive she’ll put them in my hot little hands FREE OF CHARGE.

Hello customer service!

I totally intend to buy that new Bell bicycle helmet I’ve had my eye on because now I truly understand that they stand behind their product.

Bell – you’ve got a customer for life.

super awesome bike rack photo by: bigoteetoe

  • Alice Anderson

    Just wanted to post a quick update to this post: the Bell parts arrived this week. Yeah, it took a while but I’m so happy. Shiny new parts for our bike rack. Silver Comet Trail, here we come!