Twitter Tips for Authors: 9 Hashtags to follow

So now that you have a grasp of hashtags you might be wondering which hashtags you should be looking for and using as an author.

First up: #ww aka #writerwednesday

This hashtag is used by authors and readers to share writers that they like.

#FF or #fridayfollow

Use this hashtag to share twitter users that you really like. If you follow someone who always makes you smile or always has a great article to share, this is the perfect time to tell your followers about them.


This hashtag is full of great tips and articles by authors, editors, agents and other industry professionals about the publishing industry.


If you’re looking for tips on promotion, try this hashtag. Authors and marketing experts routinely offer advice and links to articles.

#amwriting or #amediting

Let your followers know what you’re up to.


Need a push? Try writing 1,000 words in 1 hour. Use this hashtag to announce your intention and join others in the challenge.


Announce your writing goal each day and support others who do the same.


If you participate in NANO, keep up with your fellow writers via this hashtag.


Look for writing tips from some amazing authors under this hashtag. Share your own.