And That’s What I Call Customer Un-Support

11-C5_330x370A while back I mentioned how fabulous the customer support was at Bell. Recently I ordered a flower arrangement from a big internet flower company and the customer support wasn’t so fabulous and it didn’t leave me smiling.

I should say that the two flower shops in my town closed down and I found a really beautiful arrangement online and decided to splurge. The flowers were supposed to arrive on Friday. I worked it out so that I’d be here on Friday (or if I wasn’t, my DH was.)

Friday came and went. My Christmas company arrived. No pretty flowers on my table.

Friday evening I went to the website and completed a request for a follow up via email. That email never arrived.

So on Saturday, I called the company around lunch. As it turns out, the florist didn’t have the container for the flowers so that’s why I hadn’t received them.

This is the point where I’m thinking: are you kidding me?

The customer service rep wasn’t terribly apologetic or contrite. In fact, it seemed rather: business as usual. She did tell me they could have the flowers to me on Monday. Monday being the day after Christmas. The day my company was leaving to go home.

She’d mentioned that there were two florists in the area and one didn’t answer the phone. I asked her who that florist was because, as I mentioned, the florists I knew of had closed down. She told me that was confidential.

At that point I was really thinking: you’ve got to be kidding me.

I kept my temper in check and asked for a refund.

I was terribly disappointed. Mostly, that I didn’t receive the flowers I’d been lusting after for three months but also because the company’s response was rather “blah.” For some reason I expected more. Oh well. No one’s perfect. Live and learn.