Another Job Well Done by Harry & David

My DH traditionally sends a little something to his clients around Christmas time as a thank you for doing business with him. As usual, I picked the perfect thing from Harry and David, requested addresses from DH and made the order. Imagine my disappointment when I saw the tracking information telling me that one of the packages hadn’t arrived.

Turns out that DH had given me an old address.

Well last week we contacted H&D to figure out what could be done. I was really hoping we wouldn’t have to buy the whole thing again but yummy snacks are perishable, so…H&D said they’d gotten the goodies back and would send out a new batch to the NEW address ASAP. No charge. No extra shipping.

What a nice thing for them to do. They’ve certainly earned two more customers for life!

I’ve been on a customer service kick lately (seems like I need customer service more around the holidays, lol). Here’s my experience with Bell and an unnamed major internet florist.