Interview at Wise, Ink

Many thanks to Dara and Amy for the excellent interview at Wise, Ink. Writers, head on over. I’m giving away free advice! Smile If you have questions, be sure to leave a comment.

200_tipsforauthorsI’m answering:

1. Your book Tips for Authors says that authors need more than a great book. What do you mean by this?

2. You mention the importance of authors treating publishing as a business and we absolutely agree. What are your tips for authors in the early stages of making their decision to publish?

3. In your experience, what are key mistakes novice authors make?

4. Tips for Authors truly does empower your audience with so many gems for building and growing an author platform. Do you have a favorite tool either online or in the book world that you’ve found useful in your own journey?

5. Wise, Ink readers are primarily indie authors and as you know the indie publishing movement continues to expand and evolve. How do you see the future of indie publishing impacting the industry as a whole?

Can’t Wait to See This Means War

Saw the trailer this afternoon when I went to see One for the Money. This Means War comes out February 14th!

My official Facebook Page is here!

Glory be, I have an official Facebook page now. While this isn’t exactly new news, the fact that I have a personalized domain name for my page is.

For those who don’t know, Facebook requires you to have 25 fans before you can set an easy to remember domain name like this:

Here are five reasons authors need a Facebook page (rather than a profile.)

For the readers out there who aren’t on Facebook, it’s a good place to connect with your favorite authors. And if you want, you can Like my page so we can stay in touch!

The Problem with Facebook

If you’ve tried to create a “Like page” at Facebook you’ve no doubt run into the “25 friends” rule. It seems this rule keeps you from doing all sorts of cool stuff, such as having a custom domain.
I decided to move my “public life” to a page and keep my close family and friends on my private profile. Problem is, facebook didn’t send out the invites. Either that or no one likes me! (Insert crying smilie face.) I did send an invite to my hubby and he said he didn’t get it. So, I’m thinking Facebook has a glitch. What else is new?
If you’re interested in writing tips, promotion tips, my events, appearances, workshops, etc. I encourage you to click the Like button so you’ll get notifications in Facebook. I’ll try to be witty on occasion. 🙂 Feel free to ask questions, post tips, or share articles and book recommendations on my page.

Blogging at CataRomance Thursday

I’m blogging at on Thursday (4/8/10) about life’s happiest moments. I hope you’ll stop by and tell me about three of the happiest moments in your life.

Blogging at CataRomance

I’m blogging over at this week about fan-girl moments, books, trips. All sorts of cool things. Stop by and visit, won’t you?

Guest Blogging at Romance Junkies

I’m over at Romance Junkies today talking about books that “speak to me.” Specifically, Susan Mallery’s latest. Come tell me about books that have touched you and you’ll be entered to win Mallery’s The Sheik and The Bought Bride.